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Bed bugs are generally found in close proximity to your beds and bite you to get blood. When you are in deep sleep, bed bugs got the biological signs like body heat and carbon dioxide exhaled by you and reaches you for your blood.

Where bed bugs hide?

When they suck blood of person, it enters its saliva into the body of host and gives infection with a painful bite. So it is necessary to remove the mosquitoes from the dark corners of your place to prevent the diseases suppose to get from them.

Where bed bugs hide?

  • * Headboards
  • * Frame of bed
  • * Joints of furniture
  • * Sofa joints
  • * Any seat you use to sit or sleep

What’s the sign of bed bugs?

  • * Exoskeleton of bed bug
  • * Stained mattress with bug excreta
  • * Blood stains on mattress and night cloths

Signs of bed bug bite

  • * Similar to bite of mosquitoes
  • * Red welt on skin
  • * Rashes
  • * Itching and burning
  • * Sign of multiple bite in line

Bed bug control service

Herbal pest control service is one of the prominent service providers for bed bug control in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune, Gujarat. It provides tailor made bed bug control service to eliminate bed bugs from the places the bed bugs live and breed. The trained technicians smartly examine your place to search out the locations of bed bugs and eliminate it with an effective process.

  • * Thorough inspection of furniture and beds
  • * Inspection of Bed covers and pillow covers
  • * Catch the visible bed bugs
  • * Destroy eggs and bed bugs
  • * Treat the area to eliminate bed bugs
  • * Quick response, fast service
  • * Non-toxic treatment

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Pest control is the method of controlling insect growth, which can harm our Human body, pets and our homes. So it is very important to control it.

The pest control services are those services which help in controlling the unwanted infestation that outgrows in our surroundings. The pest control process can take place in the home, public building or office. Pest control services usually involves some kind of spray to prevent the entry of insects in our surroundings. These insects could be any kind of bug, rat, termite and other creatures in our home and outgrowing in our surroundings without our knowledge we realise it only when the damage is severe. The outgrowing of such pests could increase the risk of diseases.

Yes, all of our services come with a warranty period (depending on the kind of pests you are opting for).

In most of the treatments, you can expect a small amount of smell after the treatment. But the smell will fade away within a day or two depending upon the treatment you chose.

We offer a variety of treatments with an objective of preventive approach toward pest control. Hence we try to solve the base level problems with non-hazardous chemicals. We use chemicals only in case the pest or termite is in an uncontrollable situation.

All our control products are approved by the Environmentalists provided they should be used as per guidelines.

Not mandatory. However, it is recommended that you follow up on the services before the rains and before winters to keep your premises pest-free.

Yes, in some cases you can! With a wide range of retail products available, if they are used properly, you can control pest issues on your own. However, a professional pest control operator, who has better types of equipment and quality materials that are not easily available to the common man. It is always advisable to have a professional who shall work towards addressing your needs.

All products used in our treatments are tested and used according to the specifications thereby posing little to no risk. Furthermore, all products for indoor use fall into the caution category, which means extreme care is taken to use them. Hence we recommend while we are performing the tasks children should be kept away from the treatment area and if it is the whole house then we recommend to keep them away for a couple of hours this is just to be extra careful about your children’s health.

As mentioned above, the utmost priority is the client’s house member’s safety. Though our products fall in the category of little to no risk. We advise our clients to keep their pets away for a couple of hours. This is just to be extra careful about the family members.